Jungle floor:
yke; koldun; kuba 1200; loco; sinistah
Hip Hop / Reggae floor:
ako b.; slag; bone; kuba 1200; chronic

27 MARCH 2004, Amsterdam (NL)
Dupa, Sarphatistraat 45


On 13 December 2003 Funk the System invited young MCs from Amsterdam to rock the OCCI. On the wheels of steel: Kuba 1200 (Funk the System Amsterdam), Koldun (lionstyle), Field Marshall Fred (Dubpirates)
, DirectJays (Funk the System Berlin) and Ako B (Funk the System Amsterdam).


On 15 November 2003, Funk the system and chronic sounds joined soundsystems for another Afrika house party.

HIP HOP RAGGA with Funk the System
Mighty Alboy (P Soul London)
Kuba 1200 (Funk the System)
Bone (one and only)
Ako B (Funk the System)
Field Marshall Fred (Dubpirates)
Visuals by B. Movie (Funk the System)

with chronic sounds
Y.K.E. (chronic sounds)
Koldun (dopeselecta)
Onion (chronic sounds)
Ultramars (Mars Assault Paris)

Another multivisual night in the NBI (Berlin) with the funk-the-system Gdansk-connection on
9 November 2003 with Electronic Supermarket (live), PsychodelicAte Corp (live), Moonbuz (live) and the DJs Dr Junkstone Mantis and Pedro.

International Festival of Tactical Media (11-14 September 2003) bringing together art, campaigns, experiments in media technology, and transcultural politics. Next 5 Minutes revolves around the notion of tactical media, the fusion of art, politics and media.

FUNK THE SYSTEM had a presentation within the Tactical Autonomous Zones and played music and visuals on 13 September 2003 in the Paradiso in Amsterdam.

Artists and activists from different countries in Europe met in Gdansk shipyard for one week of creative exchange of ideas and concepts (24-31 August 2003). The website with many pictures was constantly updated during this week.


Active networking in audiovisual landscapes with gruppe_b and doubleyuck radioshow on 24 August at NBI. Will be continued...


LEGALIZE, KIEREWIET, SOS and FUNK THE SYSTEM joined soundsystems and went with 40 people plus truck and bus from Amsterdam to Berlin in support of the Hanfparade on 23 August 2003. The funtastic people from C-BASE opened their spaceship for the afterparty.



Funk the System (Amsterdam/Berlin), Konkrete Jungle (New York City) and Chronic Sounds (Amsterdam) on 12 July 2003 in the Afrika.

JUNGLE, BREAKS AND BEATS with Tuffist, Koldun, Y.K.E., Chronic, Onion, Kuba1200, HonkyTonk, Ako B

by 310 K and B. Movie


Funk the system in support of the independent radio stations in Amsterdam (14 June 2003).
Stay tuned to the free media!


Funk the System with mobile soundsystem on 12 June 2003 at LEGALIZE IT 2003! See here some pictures from the actions for legalisation of peaceful drugs.


On 31 May 2003, Funk the System and Positive Propaganda presented Dubbing in Afrika with the Necessary Crew (Live Hip Hop) and DJ Honky Tonk (Soul Funk HipHop), Kuba 1200 (HipHop Breakbeats), Koldun (Ragga Jungle) and guests.

Colourful demonstration for social housing on 17 May 2003 in Amsterdam. Funk the system supported with an action soundsystem.
For more information (in Dutch): SASH

Green Pepper magazine and Funk the System organised a benefit for the South-African township Orange Farm and launched the Green Pepper water issue on 5 April 2003: a look into alternative methods of water management, inviting different voices to contribute to the discussion in the hope of shifting the debate somewhat from the traditional dichotomy of globalisation discussions. With documentaries, speakers, videos, the What Ever Band, DJs, cocktails and food.

For more information: Green Pepper Homepage


Funk the system with mobile soundsystem on demonstrations for peace on 15 February and 22 March 2003 in Amsterdam. The DJs Kuba1200, Koldun, Honky Tonk and Ako B dropped peaceful-revolutionary sounds and good spirits were spread all over.

See here some pictures from the actions.

During the European-wide Action Week Against Racism, Funk the System was organising OPEN MINDS FOR ARGENTINA on 22 March 2003 at TVAK to support (among others) indymedia in Buenos Aires in the fight against local authorities

Creative meeting of funtastic people
26-29 September 2002 at TVAK.

Intercultural Project in with activists from all over the world to improve the situation of refugees inside and outside of "Fortress Europe"
28 July - 4 August 2002 in Nectiny (CZ)