Funk the System is an open and independent information point, archive, network and communication device. It provides a platform for political, cultural and subversive expressions.
The ideas of Funk the System are rooted in a local scene that acts globally. Social rights and environmental activists, artist collectives and independent media groups build together a diverse network facing reality world-wide and living and researching possible alternatives.
The distribution of information happens separated from a money based system and functions in a non-profit way. All entries are copyleft.

Funk the System plays with the mobile soundsystem on demonstrations, festivals and squat parties. The resources are provided in support of DJs, musicans and activists.


Our huge database with subversive films, action videos and other moving images is accessible for everybody. Due to limited webspace it is not possible to provide you with the files on-line.
In case of interest just contact us.


History of Funk the System actions on festivals, demonstrations and other happenings.


contact AT funk-the-system DOT net