Jungle floor:
yke; koldun; kuba 1200; loco; sinistah
Hip Hop / Reggae floor:
ako b.; slag; bone; kuba 1200; chronic

27 MARCH 2004, Dupa, Amsterdam

Kuba 1200 (Funk the System Amsterdam)
Koldun (lionstyle)
Field Marshall Fred (Dubpirates)

DirectJays (Funk the System Berlin)
Ako B (Funk the System Amsterdam)
and MC crew from Amsterdam

13 DECEMBER 2003, OCCI, Amsterdam

HIP HOP RAGGA with Funk the System
Mighty Alboy (P Soul London)
Kuba 1200 (Funk the System)
Bone (one and only)
Ako B (Funk the System)
Field Marshall Fred (Dubpirates)
Visuals by B. Movie (Funk the System)

with chronic sounds
Y.K.E. (chronic sounds)
Koldun (dopeselecta)
Onion (chronic sounds)
Ultramars (Mars Assault Paris)

15 NOVEMBER 2003, Afrika house, Amsterdam


BEATS AND BREAKS with Funk the System Kuba1200 (Funk the System)
Onion (chronic sounds)
Ako B (Funk the System)
Honky Tonk (Funk the System)
Visuals by B. Movie (Funk the System)

JUNGLE BREAKBEATS with chronic sounds
Tuffist (Konkrete Jungle NYC)
Koldun (dopeselecta),
Y.K.E. (chronic sounds)
Chronic (chronic sounds)
Visuals by 310 K (chronic sounds)

12 JULY 2003, Afrika house, Amsterdam

Necessary Crew (Live Hip Hop)
Kuba 1200 (HipHop Breakbeats)
Koldun (Ragga Jungle)
Honky Tonk (Soul Funk HipHop)
Ako B (ElectroDub) and guests.

31 MAY 2003, Afrika house, Amsterdam

Benefit for the South-African township Orange Farm and launch of the Green Pepper water issue: a look into alternative methods of water management, inviting different voices to contribute to the discussion in the hope of shifting the debate somewhat from the traditional dichotomy of globalisation discussions.

With documentaries, speakers, videos, the What Ever Band, DJs, cocktails and food.

5 APRIL 2003, TVAK, Amsterdam

During the European-wide Action Week Against Racism, Funk the System was organising OPEN MINDS FOR ARGENTINA on 22 March 2003 at TVAK to support (among others) indymedia in Buenos Aires in the fight against local authorities