FUNK THE SYSTEM reclaimed the streets with the mobile soundsystem on 12 June 2003 at Legalize it! See here some pictures.

On 23 August 2003 Kierewiet, SOS and FUNK THE SYSTEM joined soundsystems and arrived with 40 people from Amsterdam in Berlin to support Hanfparade 2003. The funtastic people from C-BASE opened their spaceship for the afterparty.


Funk the system in support of the independent radio stations in Amsterdam (14 June 2003).
Stay tuned to the free media!


Colourful demonstration for social housing on 17 May 2003 in Amsterdam. Funk the system supported with the mobile.
For more information (in Dutch): SASH

FUNK THE SYSTEM with mobile soundsystem on demonstrations for peace on 15 February and 22 March 2003 in Amsterdam. The DJs Kuba1200, Koldun, Honky Tonk and Ako B dropped peaceful-revolutionary sounds and good spirits were spread all over.

See here some pictures from the actions.